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Jennifer Maroney

Welcome to Typepad! I love it here Kim. Hang in there honey!! Looking forward to seeing new art from you too!

KS Owens

Thanks Jennifer - I am going to explore the site this weekend and get things back on track. Been a rough night and I knackered this morn :-)

cynthia vose

Look forward to following this new journey with you. Ditto to Jenny's 'Hang in there honey'!!

Timaree (freebird)

Looking forward to seeing what you do here with this blog. Have fun making some art this weekend to put up here.


Thanks so much!! I just love, love, love, each and every one of you!!!

arlene franks

I too am looking forward to your "New Beginnings" on a fresh new blog...
Can't wait to see what you will fill it with!
arlene f

Marie Z Johansen

You'll have to post what you think of your new blog provider. I have considered switching over to typepad but it seemed easier to stay where I am .

This too will pass - just not fast enough ! Try to relax.


So glad you're here and safe and sound! You hang tough - we've got your back. oxoxoox


Thanks all you beautiful people!! Cynthia, Timaree, Arlene, Marie, Jennifer and Shelley - love you all :-))

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